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Confessions by Usher

Track List

[video] Intro
[video] Yeah! (feat. Lil Jon & Ludacris)
[video] Yeah!
[video] Throwback (feat. Jadakiss)
[video] Throwback (featuring Jadakiss)
[video] Throwback
[video] Confessions
[video] Confessions (Interlude)
[video] Confessions Part II
[video] Confessions Part II (Confessions Special Edition Version)
[video] Confessions, Part II
[video] Burn (Album Version/Radio Mix)
[video] Burn
[video] Burn (Confession Special Edition Version)
[video] Caught Up
[video] Superstar (Interlude)
[video] Superstar
[video] Superstar (Confessions Special Edition Version)
[video] Truth Hurts
[video] Truth Hurts (Confessions Special Edition Version)
[video] Simple Things (Confession Special Edition Version)
[video] Simple Things
[video] Bad Girl
[video] That's What It's Made For
[video] Can U Handle It? (Confession Special Edition Version)
[video] Can U Handle It?
[video] Do It to Me
[video] Do It To Me (Confessions Special Edition Version)
[video] Take Your Hand (Confessions Special Edition Version)
[video] Take Your Hand
[video] Follow Me
[video] Follow Me (Confessions Special Edition Version)
[video] Whatever I Want
[video] My Boo (Main)
[video] My Boo (feat. Alicia Keys)
[video] Red Light
[video] Seduction
[video] Confessions, Part II (remix) (feat. Shyne, Kanye West & Twista)
[video] Confessions Part II Remix (Main)
[video] Confessions Part II Remix (Clean)
[video] Simple Things - Confession Special Edition Version
[video] Can U Handle It? - Confession Special Edition Version
[video] Do It To Me - Confessions Special Edition Version
[video] Take Your Hand - Confessions Special Edition Version
[video] Follow Me - Confessions Special Edition Version
[video] My Boo - Main
[video] Confessions Part II Remix - Clean
[video] Confessions Part II Remix - Main
[video] Yeah!
[video] Confessions - interlude
[video] Burn - Album Version/Radio Mix
[video] Superstar - Interlude
[video] Throwback - featuring Jadakiss
[video] Confessions Part II - Confessions Special Edition Version
[video] Burn - Confession Special Edition Version
[video] Superstar - Confessions Special Edition Version
[video] Truth Hurts - Confessions Special Edition Version

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