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The Top Music Festivals In Australia You Must Attend

Whether you live in Australia or are simply there for a visit, you will want to make sure you check out some of the local music festivals. There are all kinds of spectacular festivals that take place in Australia.

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Here are a few of the festivals that you should try attending:

Splendour In The Grass

This festival, which is held in the North Byron Parklands, is one of the largest music festivals in all of Australia. A lot of different music genres are represented here.


This festival is held in many different Australian cities, from Sydney to Perth. No matter what part of Australia you are located in, you should be able to get a lot of enjoyment out of this beloved festival. It’s ideal for fans of electronic music.

Field Day

This festival, which is held in Sydney, has a very long history behind it. It is one of the older music festivals in Australia, and it tends to be a real crowd pleaser. This famous festival is held every year on New Year’s Day.

Lost Paradise

New Years is always going to be a great time for music in Australia. This festival is held on New Year’s Eve rather than New Year’s Day. It takes place in New South Wales, and it lasts for three days. This festival tends to have a great line-up of acts, and it has yoga as well!

It’s clear that there are a lot of amazing music festivals in Australia. If you are in the area, and if you are a big fan of music, then you will want to try to hit up every festival on this list. You’ll have a great time listening to music, and more importantly, you will have an amazing experience.

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