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Commercial Album by The Residents

Release Date: October 25, 2004

Track List

[video] Easter Women
[video] Perfect Love
[video] Picnic Boy
[video] End Of Home
[video] Amber
[video] Japanese Watercolor
[video] Secrets
[video] Die In Terror
[video] Red Rider
[video] My Second Wife
[video] Floyd
[video] Suburban Bathers
[video] Dimples And Toes
[video] The Nameless Souls
[video] Love Leaks Out
[video] The Act Of Being Polite
[video] Medicine Man
[video] Tragic Bells
[video] Loss Of Innocence
[video] Simple Song
[video] Ups and Downs
[video] Possessions
[video] Give It To Someone Else
[video] Phantom
[video] Less Not More
[video] My Work Is So Behind
[video] Birds In The Trees
[video] Handful Of Desire
[video] Moisture
[video] Love Is ...
[video] Troubled Man
[video] La La
[video] Loneliness
[video] Nice Old Man
[video] The Talk Of Creatures
[video] Fingertips
[video] In Between Dreams
[video] Margaret Freeman
[video] The Coming Of The Crow
[video] When We Were Young

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