MusicSRC: The Fury of the Aquabats by The Aquabats

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The Fury of the Aquabats by The Aquabats

Release Date: October 28, 1997

Track List

[video] Super Rad
[video] Super Rad!
[video] Red Sweater
[video] Red Sweater!
[video] Magic Chicken
[video] Magic Chicken!
[video] Fight Song
[video] Fight Song!
[video] Cat With 2 Heads!
[video] Cat With 2 Heads
[video] The Story Of Nothing
[video] The Story of Nothing!
[video] Captain Hampton and the Midget Pirates!
[video] Captain Hampton And The Midget Pirates
[video] Martian Girl
[video] Martian Girl!
[video] Attacked by Snakes!
[video] Attacked by Snakes
[video] Idiot Box!
[video] Idiot Box
[video] Powdered Milk Man!
[video] Powdered Milk Man
[video] My Skateboard
[video] My Skateboard!
[video] Phantasma Del Mar
[video] Phantasma Del Mar!
[video] Lobster Bucket
[video] Lobster Bucket!
[video] Theme Song
[video] Theme Song!
[video] Playdough Revisited
[video] Playdough!

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