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Romeo and Juliet by Sergei Prokofiev

Release Date: November 30, 1996

Track List

[video] Act 2 Scene 1-6
[video] Introduction
[video] Romeo
[video] Act 2 Scene 2-1
[video] Act 2 Scene 2-2
[video] The Street Awakens
[video] Morning Dance
[video] Act 2 Scene 3-1
[video] The Quarrel
[video] Act 2 Scene 3-2
[video] The Fight
[video] Act 2 Scene 3-3
[video] Act 2 Scene 3-4
[video] The Prince Gives His Order
[video] Interlude
[video] Act 2 Scene 3-5
[video] Preparing For The Ball (Juliet And The Nurse)
[video] Preparing For The Ball (Juliet
[video] Act 2 Scene 3-6
[video] Act 2 Scene 3-7
[video] Juliet As A Young Girl
[video] Arrival Of The Guests (Minuet)
[video] Act 3 Scene 1-1
[video] Act 3 Scene 1-2
[video] Masks
[video] Dance of the Knights
[video] Act 3 Scene 1-3
[video] Act 3 Scene 1-4
[video] Juliet's Variation
[video] Act 3 Scene 1-5
[video] Mercutio
[video] Madrigal
[video] Act 3 Scene 1-6
[video] Act 3 Scene 1-7
[video] Tybalt Recognizes Romeo
[video] Act 3 Scene 2-1
[video] Departure Of The Guests (Gavotte)
[video] Departure Of The Guests (Gavot
[video] Act 3 Scene 2-2
[video] Balcony Scene
[video] Romeo's Variation
[video] Act 3 Scene 3-1
[video] Act 3 Scene 3-2
[video] Love Dance
[video] Folk Dance
[video] Act 3 Scene 3-3
[video] Act 3 Scene 3-4
[video] Romeo And Mercutio
[video] Act 3 Scene 3-5
[video] Dance Of The Five Couples
[video] Epilogue-1
[video] Dance With The Mandolins
[video] Epilogue-2
[video] The Nurse

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