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Horrified by Repulsion

Release Date: June 26, 2007

Track List

[video] The Stench of Burning Death
[video] Eaten Alive
[video] Acid Bath
[video] Slaughter of the Innocent
[video] Decomposed
[video] Radiation Sickness
[video] Splattered Cadavers
[video] Festering Boils
[video] Pestilent Decay
[video] Crematorium
[video] Driven To Insanity
[video] Six Feet Under
[video] Bodily Dismemberment
[video] Repulsion
[video] The Lurking Fear
[video] Black Breath
[video] Maggots In Your Coffin
[video] Horrified
[video] Armies of the Dead (Genocide 11/84 Rehearsal Demo)
[video] Satan's Whores (Genocide 11/84 Rehearsal Demo)
[video] Crack of Doom (Genocide 11/84 Rehearsal Demo)
[video] Armies of the Dead (Genocide Violent Death Demo Autumn '85)
[video] Six Feet Under (Genocide Violent Death Demo Autumn '85)
[video] Violent Death (Genocide Violent Death Demo Autumn '85)
[video] The Lurking Fear (Genocide Violent Death Demo Autumn '85)
[video] Crack of Doom (Genocide Violent Death Demo Autumn '85)
[video] Horrified (Genocide Violent Death Demo Autumn '85)
[video] The Stench of Burning Death (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)
[video] Decomposed (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)
[video] Slaughter of the Innocent (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)
[video] Eaten Alive (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)
[video] Six Feet Under (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)
[video] Crypt of Terror (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)
[video] The Lurking Fear (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)
[video] Festering Boils (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)
[video] Pestilent Decay (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)
[video] Black Nightmare (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)
[video] Bodily Dismemberment (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)
[video] Horrified (Genocide WFBE Demo 1/26/86)
[video] Radiation Sickness (Genocide Live 5/15/86)
[video] Black Breath (Genocide Live 5/15/86)
[video] Excruciation (Repulsion Excruciation EP / Demo)
[video] Helga (Lost Her Head) (Repulsion Excruciation EP / Demo)
[video] Rebirth (Repulsion Excruciation EP / Demo)
[video] House of Freaks (Repulsion Excruciation EP / Demo)
[video] Depraved (Repulsion 1991 Final Demos)
[video] Face of Decay (Repulsion 1991 Final Demos)
[video] Something Dead (Repulsion 1991 Final Demos)

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