MusicSRC: The Wind Waker by Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, Toru Minegishi, Koji Kondo

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The Wind Waker by Kenta Nagata, Hajime Wakai, Toru Minegishi, Koji Kondo

Track List

[video] Title
[video] Menu Selection
[video] The Legendary Hero
[video] Outset Island
[video] Inside a House
[video] Grandpa's House
[video] Fencing Instruction
[video] Beedle's Shop
[video] A Giant Mysterious Bird Attacks
[video] Tetra Discovered
[video] The Forest of Outset Island
[video] Bokoblin Migration
[video] Battle
[video] Encounter With Tetra
[video] Aryll's Kidnapping
[video] Graaandma
[video] My Grandma
[video] Departure
[video] Inside the Pirate Ship
[video] Forsaken Fortress Invasion 1
[video] Forsaken Fortress Invasion 2
[video] Forsaken Fortress
[video] Imprisonment
[video] Reunion With Sister
[video] Rendezvous With the Ship 1
[video] Rendezvous With the Ship 2
[video] Rendezvous With the Ship 3
[video] Windfall Island
[video] Zunari's Store
[video] Dawn
[video] Ocean
[video] Maritime Battle
[video] The 2nd Maritime Battle
[video] Get Treasure Box
[video] Open Treasure Box
[video] Get Item
[video] Get Small Item
[video] Dragon Roost Island
[video] Dragon Roost Cavern
[video] Mini Boss
[video] Game Over
[video] Gohma Appears
[video] Gohma Battle First Half
[video] Gohma Battle Second Half
[video] Boss Clear Fanfare
[video] Get Heart Piece
[video] Get Orb
[video] Wind's Requiem (Baton)
[video] Wind's Requiem
[video] Get Baton Song
[video] Yacht Game
[video] Yacht Game Goal
[video] Yacht Game Failure
[video] Song of Passing (Baton)
[video] Song of Passing
[video] Forest Haven
[video] Inside Forest Haven
[video] The Deku Tree's Crisis
[video] The Deku Tree and the Korogu
[video] Forbidden Woods
[video] Kalle Demos Appears
[video] Kalle Demos
[video] Ceremony in the Woods
[video] Song of the New Year's Ceremony
[video] The Great Sea is Cursed
[video] Sacred Shrine
[video] Jabun
[video] Tower of the Gods Appears
[video] Tower of the Gods
[video] Command Melody (Baton)
[video] Gohdan Appears
[video] Gohdan
[video] To Hyrule

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