MusicSRC: Mass Effect 2 by EA Games Soundtrack

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Mass Effect 2 by EA Games Soundtrack

Release Date: January 19, 2010

Track List

[video] The Illusive Man
[video] Humans Are Disappearing
[video] The Attack
[video] The Lazarus Project
[video] A Rude Awakening
[video] The Normandy Reborn
[video] Miranda
[video] Jacob
[video] Freedom's Progress
[video] Thane
[video] Garrus
[video] An Unknown Enemy
[video] Samara
[video] Grunt
[video] Horizon
[video] Tali
[video] Mordin
[video] The Normandy Attacked
[video] Jack
[video] Legion
[video] Jump Drive
[video] Crash Landing
[video] The Collector Base
[video] The End Run
[video] Suicide Mission
[video] New Worlds
[video] Reflections

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