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Duke the Complete Works 1924-1947 by Duke Ellington

Track List

[video] Without a Song
[video] My Sunday Gal
[video] Mobile Bay
[video] Linger Awhile
[video] Charlie the Chulo
[video] Lament for Javanette
[video] Lull at Dawn
[video] Ready Eddy
[video] Sidewalks of New York
[video] Flamingo (Live (Whitney Museum))
[video] Girl in My Dreams Tries to Look Like You
[video] Take The "A" Train
[video] Jumpin' Punkins
[video] John Hardy's Wife
[video] Blue Serge
[video] After All
[video] Dear Old Southland
[video] Solitude
[video] Bakiff
[video] Choo Choo (Gotta Hurry Home)
[video] Rainy Nights
[video] I'm Gonna Hang Around My Sugar
[video] Trombone Blues
[video] Georgia Grind
[video] Parlor Social Stomp
[video] (You've Got Those) Wanna-Go-Back-Again-Blues
[video] If You Can't Hold the Man You Love
[video] Animal Crackers
[video] Li'l Farina
[video] East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
[video] Birmingham Breakdown
[video] Immigration Blues
[video] Creeper
[video] New Orleans Low-Down
[video] Song of the Cotton Field
[video] Hop Head
[video] Down in Our Alley Blues
[video] Black and Tan Fantasy
[video] Soliloquy
[video] Washington Wobble
[video] Creole Love Call
[video] Blues I Love to Sing
[video] What Can a Poor Fellow Do?
[video] Chicago Stomp Down
[video] Harlem River Quiver (Brown Berries)
[video] Blue Bubbles
[video] Red Hot Band
[video] Doin' the Frog
[video] Sweet Mama (Papa's Getting Mad)
[video] Stack O' Lee Blues
[video] Bugle Call Rag
[video] Take It Easy
[video] Jubilee Stomp
[video] Harlem Twist {East St. Louis Toodle-Oo}
[video] Black Beauty (Firewater)
[video] Black Beauty
[video] Got Everything but You
[video] Yellow Dog Blues
[video] Tishomingo Blues
[video] Diga Diga Doo
[video] Doin' the New Low Down
[video] Swampy River
[video] Mooche
[video] Move Over
[video] Hot And Bothered
[video] Louisiana
[video] Awful Sad
[video] Santa Claus, Bring My Man Back
[video] I Done Caught You Blues
[video] I Can't Give You Anything but Love
[video] No, Papa, No [Instrumental]
[video] No, Papa, No [Vocal Version]
[video] Bandanna Babies
[video] I Must Have That Man!
[video] Blues With a Feeling
[video] Goin' to Town
[video] Misty Mornin'
[video] Hottentot
[video] Old Man Blues
[video] Sweet Chariot
[video] Mood Indigo
[video] I Can't Realize You Love Me
[video] I'm so in Love With You
[video] Rockin' in Rhythm
[video] Nine Little Miles from Ten-Ten-Tennessee
[video] What Good Am I Without You?
[video] Blue Again
[video] When a Black Man's Blue
[video] Them There Eyes
[video] Rockin' Chair
[video] Twelfth Street Rag
[video] St. Louis Blues
[video] Doin' the Voom Voom
[video] Tiger Rag, Pt. 1
[video] Tiger Rag, Pt. 2
[video] Flaming Youth
[video] Saturday Night Function
[video] High Life
[video] Japanese Dream
[video] Harlemania
[video] Rent Party
[video] Paducah
[video] Harlem Flat Blues
[video] Dicty Guide
[video] Hot Feet
[video] Sloppy Joe
[video] Stevedore Stomp
[video] Saratoga Swing
[video] Who Said "It's Tight Like That"?
[video] He Just Don't Appeal to Me
[video] River and Me
[video] Keep a Song in Your Soul
[video] Sam and Delilah
[video] Peanut Vendor
[video] Creole Rhapsody, Pt. 1
[video] Creole Rhapsody, Pt. 2
[video] Is That Religion?
[video] Limehouse Blues
[video] Echoes of the Jungle
[video] It's Glory
[video] Mystery Song
[video] Moon Over Dixie
[video] It Don't Mean A Thing (If It Ain't Got That Swing)
[video] Lazy Rhapsody
[video] Mood Indigo/Hot And Bothered/Creole Love Call
[video] Blue Tune
[video] Diminuendo in Blue
[video] Crescendo in Blue
[video] Harmony in Harlem
[video] Dusk in the Desert
[video] Jubilesta
[video] Watching
[video] Pigeons and Peppers
[video] Stepping Into Swing Society
[video] Prologue to Black and Tan Fantasy
[video] New black and tan fantasy
[video] Drummer's Delight
[video] If I Thought You Cared
[video] Have a Heart (Lost in Meditation)
[video] My Day
[video] Silvery Moon and Golden Sands
[video] Echoes of Harlem
[video] Riding on a Blue Note
[video] Lost In Meditation (Eng 22 Juin 1938 New York)
[video] Gal from Joe's
[video] Freeze and Melt
[video] Mississippi Moan
[video] Nite at the Cotton Club, Pt. 1: (Intro) Cotton Club Stomp/Misty Mornin'
[video] Nite at the Cotton Club, Pt. 2: (Intro) Goin' to Town/Freeze and Melt
[video] Cotton Club Stomp
[video] Arabian Lover
[video] That Rhythm Man
[video] Beggar's Blues
[video] Black and Blue
[video] Jungle Jamboree
[video] Snake Hip Dance
[video] Jolly Wog
[video] Baby, When You Ain't There
[video] East St. Louis Toodle-Oo/Lot's O'Fingers
[video] Dinah
[video] Blue Harlem
[video] Sheik of Araby
[video] Fast and furious
[video] Best Wishes
[video] Slippery Horn
[video] Blue Ramble
[video] Clouds in My Heart
[video] Blue Mood
[video] Ducky Wucky
[video] Jazz Cocktail
[video] Lightnin'
[video] Maori (A Samoan Dance)
[video] If You Were in My Place (What Would You Do?)
[video] Scrounch
[video] I Let A Song Go Out Of My Heart
[video] Braggin' in Brass
[video] Carnival in Caroline
[video] Jeep's Blues
[video] Rendezvous With Rhythm
[video] Lesson in C
[video] Swingtime in Honolulu
[video] Ol' Man River
[video] I'm Slappin' Seventh Avenue (With the Sole of My Shoe)
[video] Dinah's in a Jam
[video] You Gave Me the Gate (And I'm Swingin')
[video] Rose of the Rio Grande
[video] Pyramid
[video] When My Sugar Walks Down the Street (All the Little Birdies Go Tweet-Tw
[video] Jazz Convulsions
[video] Mississippi
[video] Duke Steps Out
[video] Haunted Nights
[video] Swanee Shuffles
[video] Six or Seven Times
[video] Goin' Nuts
[video] Oklahoma Stomp
[video] Breakfast Dance
[video] Jazz Lips
[video] March of the Hoodlums
[video] Lazy Duke
[video] Blues of the Vagabond
[video] Syncopated Suffle
[video] Sweet Mama
[video] Wall Street Wail
[video] Cincinnati Daddy
[video] St. James Infirmary
[video] When You're Smiling (The Whole World Smiles With You)
[video] Rent Party Blues
[video] Stars
[video] Swing Low
[video] Baby!
[video] Anytime, Anyday, Anywhere
[video] Delta bound
[video] Porgy
[video] Eerie Moan
[video] Merry-Go-Round
[video] Sophisticated Lady
[video] I've Got the World On a String
[video] Down a Carolina Lane
[video] Blackbird Medley, Pt. 1: (Intro) I Can't Give Anything But Love/Doin' t
[video] Blackbird Medley, Pt. 2: (Intro) Dixie/Diga Diga Doo/Porgy/I Can't Give
[video] Drop Me Off in Harlem
[video] Happy As the Day Is Long
[video] Are You Sticking?
[video] Just A-Sittin' and A-Rockin'
[video] Giddybug Gallop
[video] Chocolate Shake
[video] I Got It Bad (And That Ain't Good)
[video] Clementine
[video] Brown-Skin Gal (In The Calico Gown)
[video] Jump for Joy
[video] Moon over Cuba
[video] Some Saturday
[video] Subtle Slough
[video] Menelik: The Lion of Judah
[video] Poor Bubber
[video] Squaty Roo
[video] Passion Flower
[video] Things Ain't What They Used to Be
[video] Goin' Out the Back Way
[video] Five o'clock drag
[video] Rocks In My Bed
[video] Watermelon man
[video] Gypsy Without A Song
[video] Stevedore's Serenade
[video] De Doody Do
[video] You Walked Out of the Picture
[video] Empty Ballroom Blues
[video] Blues Serenade
[video] Love in Swingtime
[video] Swingin' in the Dell
[video] Jitterbug's Lullaby
[video] Chasin' Chippies
[video] Blue Is the Evening
[video] Sharpie
[video] Swing Pan Alley
[video] Please Forgive Me
[video] Lambeth Walk
[video] Jungle Blues
[video] Admiration
[video] When You're Smiling
[video] Sing You Sinners
[video] Ragamuffin Romeo
[video] Double Check Stomp
[video] My Gal Is Good for Nothing but Love
[video] I Was Made to Love You
[video] Accordion Joe
[video] Sweet Dreams of Love
[video] Jungle Nights in Harlem
[video] Sweet Jazz o' Mine
[video] Shout 'em aunt tillie
[video] Raisin' the Rent
[video] Get Yourself a New Broom (And Sweep the Blues Away)
[video] Bundle of Blues
[video] Stormy Weather
[video] Hyde Park
[video] Harlem Speaks
[video] Ain't Misbehavin'
[video] Chicago
[video] Souvenir of Duke Ellington
[video] I'm Satisified
[video] Jive Stomp
[video] In the Shade of the Old Apple Tree
[video] Rude interlude
[video] Dallas Doings
[video] Daybreak Express
[video] Delta Serenade
[video] Stompy Jones
[video] Bli-Blip
[video] Chelsea Bridge
[video] Brown Suede
[video] Noir bleu
[video] C Jam Blues
[video] June
[video] Rain Check
[video] What Good Would It Do?
[video] I Don't Know What Kind of Blues I Got
[video] Perdido
[video] Moon Mist
[video] What Am I Here for?
[video] I Don't Mind
[video] Someone
[video] My Little Brown Book
[video] Main Stem
[video] Johnny Come Lately
[video] Hayfoot, Strawfoot
[video] Prelude To A Kiss
[video] Hip Chic
[video] Buffet Flat
[video] There's Something About an Old Love
[video] Jeep Is Jumpin'
[video] Krum Elbow Blues
[video] Twits And Twerps
[video] Mighty like the blues
[video] Jazz Potpourri
[video] T.T. On Toast
[video] Battle of Swing
[video] I'm In Another World
[video] Hodge Podge
[video] Dancing on the Stars
[video] Wanderlust
[video] Delta Mood
[video] Boys from Harlem
[video] Mobile Blues
[video] Gal-Avantin'
[video] Ring Dem Bells
[video] Three Little Words
[video] Hittin' the Bottle
[video] That Lindy Hop
[video] You're Lucky to Me
[video] Memories of You
[video] Big House Blues
[video] Rocky Mountain Blues
[video] Runnin' Wild
[video] Dream Blues (Mood Indigo)
[video] Home Again Blues
[video] Wang-Wang Blues
[video] Blue Feeling
[video] Ebony rhapsody
[video] Cocktails for Two
[video] Live and Love Tonight
[video] I Met My Waterloo
[video] My Old Flame
[video] Troubled Waters
[video] Saddest Tale
[video] Moonglow
[video] Sump'n' 'Bout Rhythm
[video] Farewell Blues
[video] Let'S Have A Jubilee
[video] Porto Rican Chaos
[video] Margie
[video] Moonlight Fiesta
[video] Tough Truckin'
[video] Sentimental Lady
[video] Slip of the Lip (Can Sink a Ship)
[video] Sherman Shuffle
[video] Boy Meets Horn
[video] Hop, Skip and Jump
[video] Mood to Be Wooed
[video] I'm Checkin' Out -- Go'om Bye
[video] Tootin' through the roof
[video] I Ain't Got Nothin' But The Blues
[video] I'm Beginning To See The Light
[video] Don't You Know I Care (Or Don't You Care to Know)
[video] I Didn't Know About You
[video] Work Song
[video] Come Sunday
[video] Blues
[video] Three Dances
[video] Blue Light (Transblucency)
[video] Old King Dooji
[video] Slap Happy
[video] Like a Ship in the Night
[video] Mississippi Dream Boat
[video] Swingin' On the Campus
[video] Dooji Wooji
[video] Beautiful Romance
[video] Boudoir Benny
[video] Ain't the Gravy Good?
[video] She's Gone
[video] Just Good Fun
[video] Informal Blues
[video] San Juan Hill
[video] I'll Come Back for More
[video] Lady in Blue
[video] Smorgasbord and Schnapps
[video] Savoy Strut
[video] Indigo Echoes
[video] In A Sentimental Mood
[video] Showboat Shuffle
[video] Cotton
[video] Truckin'
[video] Accent On Youth
[video] Reminiscing in Tempo, Pt. 1
[video] Reminiscing in Tempo, Pt. 2
[video] Reminiscing in Tempo, Pt. 3
[video] Reminiscing in Tempo, Pt. 4
[video] I Don't Know Why I Love You So
[video] Dinah Lou
[video] Isn't Love the Strangest Thing?
[video] There Is No Greater Love
[video] Clarinet Lament (Barney's Concerto)
[video] Echoes of Harlem (Cootie's Concerto)
[video] Love Is Like a Cigarette
[video] Kissin' my baby goodnight
[video] Dance of the Goon
[video] Good Gal Blues
[video] Finesse
[video] Portrait of the lion
[video] Something To Live For
[video] Solid Old Man
[video] Kitchen Mechanic's Day
[video] My Heart Jumped Over the Mood
[video] You Can Count on Me
[video] Home Town Blues
[video] Way Low
[video] Serenade to Sweden
[video] Utt-Da-Zay (The Tailor Song)
[video] Chew Chew Chew (Chew Your Bubble Gum)
[video] Barney Goin' Easy
[video] Just Another Dream
[video] In a Mizz
[video] Oh, Babe! Maybe Someday
[video] Shoe Shine Boy
[video] It Was a Sad Night in Harlem
[video] Trumpet's in Spades (Rex's Concerto)
[video] Yearning for Love
[video] In a Jam
[video] Exposition Swing
[video] Uptown Downbeat (Black Out)
[video] Rexatious
[video] Lazy Man's Shuffle
[video] Frolic Sam
[video] Caravan
[video] Scattin' At the Cotton Club
[video] Black Butterfly
[video] Mood Indigo/solitude
[video] Sophisticated Lady/In a Sentimental Mood
[video] New Birmingham Breakdown
[video] Scattin' At the Kit Kat
[video] Lonely Co-Ed
[video] Night Song
[video] Blues A-Poppin'
[video] Top and Bottom
[video] Bouncing Buoyancy
[video] Sergeant Was Shy
[video] Grievin'
[video] Rabbit's Jump
[video] Moon Romance
[video] Truly Wonderful
[video] Dream Blues
[video] Little Posey
[video] I Never Felt This Way Before
[video] Weely (Portrait of Billy Strayhorn)
[video] I Got to Be a Rug Cutter
[video] New East St. Louis Toodle-Oo
[video] I Can't Believe That You're In Love With Me
[video] Downtown Uproar
[video] Blue Reverie
[video] Whispering Tiger (Tiger Rag)
[video] My Honey's Lovin' Arms
[video] Did Anyone Ever Tell You?
[video] Alabamy Home
[video] Where Are You?
[video] There's a Lull in My Life
[video] It's Swell of You
[video] You Can't Run Away from Love Tonight
[video] Azure
[video] Lady Who Couldn't Be Kissed
[video] Old Plantation
[video] Solace (Lament for a Lost Love)
[video] Four and One-Half Street
[video] Demi-Tasse (Each Day)
[video] Toasted Pickle
[video] Give It Up
[video] You, You Darlin'
[video] Jack the Bear
[video] Ko Ko
[video] Morning Glory
[video] So Far, so Good
[video] Conga Brava
[video] Concerto for Cootie
[video] Me and You
[video] Bojangles
[video] Cotton Tail
[video] Never No Lament (Don't Get Around Much Anymore)
[video] Blue Goose
[video] Dusk
[video] Portrait of Bert Williams
[video] Harlem Air Shaft
[video] At a Dixie Roadside Diner
[video] Jazz a La Carte
[video] Foolin' Myself
[video] Sailboat in the Moonlight
[video] You'll Never Go to Heaven (If You Break My Heart)
[video] Peckin'
[video] All God's Chillun Got Rhythm [Instrumental]
[video] All God's Chillun Got Rhythm [Vocal Version]
[video] Get It Southern Style
[video] Sponge Cake and Spinach
[video] If You're Ever in My Arms Again
[video] Back Room Romp
[video] Swing Baby Swing (Love in My Heart)
[video] Sugar Hill Shim Sham
[video] Tea and Trumpets
[video] Chatterbox
[video] All Too Soon
[video] Rumpus in Richmond
[video] My Greatest Mistake
[video] Sepia Panorama
[video] There Shall Be No Night
[video] In A Mellow Tone
[video] Five O'clock Whistle
[video] Warm Valley
[video] Pitter Panther Patter
[video] Body and Soul
[video] Mr. J.B. Blues
[video] Flaming Sword
[video] Across the Track Blues
[video] Chloe
[video] Day Dream
[video] Good Queen Bess
[video] That's the Blues, Old Man

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