MusicSRC: Rant in E-Minor by Bill Hicks

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Rant in E-Minor by Bill Hicks

Release Date: February 25, 1997

Track List

[video] Fevered Egos
[video] Easter
[video] Gideons
[video] People Suck
[video] Pro Life
[video] People Who Hate People
[video] Non-Smokers
[video] Gifts of Forgiveness
[video] Purple Vein Dick Joke
[video] Confession Time (Cops)
[video] Wax Dart
[video] I'm Talking to the Women Here
[video] You're Wrong Night
[video] A New Flag (Patriotism)
[video] Gays In The Military
[video] I.R.S. Bust
[video] Politics In America
[video] Quiet Loner
[video] Artistic Roll Call
[video] Orange Drink
[video] Save Willie
[video] Deficit (Jesse Helms)
[video] Rush Limbaugh
[video] Time To Evolve
[video] Waco (Koresh)
[video] The Pope
[video] Christianity
[video] Seven Seals
[video] One of the Boys (Clinton)
[video] Car Bomb Derby
[video] The Elite
[video] Love List (No Future)
[video] Back to the Garden
[video] Your Children Aren't Special
[video] Wizards Have Landed
[video] Lift Me Lord

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