MusicSRC: Hardcore Heaven 3 by Various Artists

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Hardcore Heaven 3 by Various Artists

Release Date: October 04, 2011

Track List

[video] All Night Long (Sy & Unknown Remix)
[video] Take Control (Sy & Unknown Remix)
[video] Caught Up In Your Love
[video] Break The Spell
[video] 21st Century Rush (Sy & Unknown Remix)
[video] Do We Need The Music
[video] Inspiration (Re-Con Remix)
[video] Save Me (Sy & Unknown Remix)
[video] Wanna Be Free (Sy & Unknown Remix)
[video] Someday (Styles & Breeze Mix)
[video] Posse & Crew
[video] Commence (Sy & Unknown Remix)
[video] Tripod (Exclusive HH Gratuitous Edit)
[video] Bodyache (DJ Kurt Remix)
[video] Tune In
[video] Rock Ya Body
[video] Let's Fly (Sy & Unknown Remix)
[video] Hold The Beat (Gammer Remix)
[video] Touch Ya Body (Joey Riot Exclusive HH3 Album Mix)
[video] Together Again (Sy & Unknown Remix)
[video] Hardcore Heaven 3 - Part 1 (Continuous Mix by Sy)
[video] HH3 Intro
[video] Stingray
[video] Turn Out The Light
[video] Hit The Deck (Ham Remix)
[video] Looking Down (DJ Kurt Remix)
[video] Played 'N' Made
[video] Show Me Your Passion (Brisk & Vagabond Remix)
[video] Don't Make Me Wait (Gammer Remix)
[video] Feel The Power (Dougal & Gammer Remix)
[video] That's What I Like
[video] Stick Em'
[video] I've Got A Feeling
[video] Speak Of Love (Brisk & Vagabond Remix)
[video] Flowing Free
[video] Blown Away (Vagabond Remix)
[video] Moving To This
[video] Playing Games
[video] Rip Roar
[video] Clubheds (Bang The Drum)
[video] Get It Started
[video] What The Hood Made Me
[video] Funky Joint
[video] Your Choice
[video] Nothing Is What It Seems
[video] Days Of Anger
[video] Hardcore Heaven 3 - Part 2 (Continuous Mix by Brisk)
[video] Freefall
[video] Get Into The Motion
[video] Kik'n Loud
[video] Raver Raver Raver
[video] Donkey Punch
[video] Rock It
[video] Anna (Cube::Hard Remix)
[video] Mindscape
[video] Voice of Calm
[video] Back In The Days
[video] Rock The Disco (K Complex Remix)
[video] P.V.C. (Fetish Mix)
[video] Where Shall My Wandering Soul Begin?
[video] Unforgettable Home (Freeform Mix)
[video] Hands Up
[video] Beyond Us
[video] Another Life (Kevin Energy Remix)
[video] Extreme Power (Kevin Energy Remix)
[video] This Is The Place
[video] Ready To Move
[video] Clonecore
[video] That's The Hardcore (A.M.S. Remix)
[video] Crowd Control
[video] Letting Go
[video] Heaven Now
[video] Hardcore Heaven 3 - Part 3 (Continuous Mix by Kevin Energy)

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